A large German agency drtv.agency addressed us for the development of a new site concept. Their main activity is the production and publishing of video ads, and analytics of advertising campaigns.

The old design emphasized the portfolio of their work.

The new design is considered to expand the presentation of themselves, so we supplied the final concept with the following information blocks: services(publishing and analysis of the efficiency of advertising campaigns), testimonials, actual vacancies.

drtv.agency wanted to see the site light, but with a clear structure and understandable logic. In terms of tech, the site should be correctly displayed on all devices and managed by CMS (Wordpress).

The project consisted of such services, chronologically:

  1. Design (views for each page)
  2. Layout of pages in CMS
  3. Testing
  4. Development of guidelines for setting up static pages / elements

The main tasks that we faced in this project:

  • Develop a new adaptive design for all devices,
  • Apply single page design,
  • integrate new design to Wordpress.

After all edits, we presented the new design to the client:



So, the client got a website with a new design and improved functionality:

drtv.agency adaptive design
drtv.agency content management system
drtv.agency all basic information on one page
This will allow the site to be displayed correctly on all devices and have a higher position in the search results, which leads to involving more audience, and increasing rate of new customers.