Complex Digital Marketing Strategy

What Is It:

Digital marketing strategy is a promotion plan for your business. It is divided in 2 parts: image-building and conversion. The first one is aimed at increasing public awareness about your brand and the second one is aimed at increasing sales. The goal of any digital marketing strategy is to make people talk about you and by you products.

Complex Digital Marketing Strategy

Who Needs It:

  • the ones who stay up to date,
  • the ones who want to increase sales,
  • the ones who want to raise public awareness about their brand,
  • the ones who want direct communication with their clients,
  • the ones who want to get detailed information about their target audience.

Why It Is Important:

technologies of the XXI century allow the businesses to study and communicate with their audiences.

The ones who are willing to succeed across their niche cannot ignore these resources. Strategic approach to communication with the customers turs them from average customers to brand advocates, who will publically raise awareness and reputation of your brand. Besides, the users of your site can be re-addressed (remarketing), which usually results in growth of sales.

What Is It Made Of:

creative part and technological part – are connected and aimed at image-building and conversion goals.

Complex Digital Marketing Strategy

How We Do It:

When we get an inquiry about complex digital marketing strategy, we assess what the client has already:

  • • website,
  • • social media,
  • • graphical elements.

We analyze:

  • • analyze position of the brand towards the clients,
  • • analyze position of the brand towards the clients,
  • • strengths and weaknesses,
  • • pains and fears.

Then we develop a strategy based on the complex analysis of the client. The strategy is developed based on the market dynamics, evolution of technologies and design trends.


  • • raise of public awareness of the brand,

  • • growth of client base,

  • • evolution of clients to brand advocates,

  • • positive image of the company,

  • • growth of sales across your existing audience as well as across the newcomers to your resources.

Price: $1500

Complex Digital Marketing Strategy

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Complex Digital Marketing Strategy