Corporate Site


Multi-page portal with dashboards for clients and staff, information about the company, corporate blog, online shop (optionally), portfolio (optionally).

Corporate Site

How to Use for Marketing:

corporate website is a representation of a company on the Internet. It is a necessary resource for successful business in the 21st century.

Such kind of site not only tells the internet about brand and products, but also actively interacts with the client, collects information about sections visited by the users, their contact details, preferences, optionally their dates of birth and other personal info (marital status, children, pets, car, etc.). All this data helps is needed for building a proper portrait of your target consumer. Also, the software of such site allows the marketing team to set up different target and special audiences. Corporate website and blog increase the position of your company in the search results (due to internal cross-links, and links from external sources).

Sales Mechanics:

collected personal data of your users is the basis for detailed portrait of your target customer.

Socio-demographic and additional parameters given by the user allow the marketing team to personalize the newsletter and to prepare personal offers for your subscribers or customers as well as apply remarketing tools to increase sales of your company!

Corporate Site

How We Do It:

before starting the development of a corporate site , we ask the client to provide us with a brand book or his own recommendations regarding the appearance of the site (colors, general mood of the site), then the structure and technologies for building the site are discussed. Subsequently, we provide the client with several developed site concepts, agree on the final edits, and send to the implementation. Without fail, we connect analytics services and advertising offices, the rest of the software is applied at the request of the client.

Price: $350 per static page.


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Corporate Site