Internet Shop


catalogue of good or services, clients’ and staff dashboard, page with company’s info and contacts, page with info about the status of the order, shipment and returns.

Internet Shop

How to Use for Marketing:

discover buyers’ behavior (through analyzing how users navigate, how often and how much they buy), create special promotions, develop a discount and/or referral program.

Sales Mechanics:

Information provided by the user when creating personal account and information about his payments is used for:

  • remarketing in case of a pending purchase

  • remarketing in the case of frequent visits to any product category

  • setting up a personalized newsletter and targeted distribution of shares and other events.

  • In addition to all mentioned above, referral programs and discounts work well for turning users to customers of the online store.

Internet Shop

How We Do It:

first we analyze the client’s niche, then discuss graphic design and present visual concepts. After the final edits are agreed, we proceed to the development.

Price: starts from $5000.


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Internet Shop