Lead Magnets

What Is It:

a method of collecting user contact information.

Lead Magnets

Who Needs It:

  • • event organizers (webinars to offline conferences),
  • • bloggers,
  • • writers,
  • • producers of information products.

Why It Is Important:

the use of lead magnets significantly increases the efficiency of lead generation.

It means that the owners of the product can broaden their subscribers or customers base, and will be able to approach them directly.

What It Consists of:

a gift from the organizer to the user in exchange for contact information: it should be something that will make the user get back to your site in the future, e.g. a part of a book, a guide for a tool, or an expert comment on the given topic of the conference. And a landing page with the lead form and description of the promo.

Lead Magnets

How We Do It:

if the client needs to collect a large number of leads in a short time, we offer him to build a lead magnet, develop a gift for the user will in exchange for his contact details and discuss the design of the landing page and the promotion strategy. After the final edits, we proceed to development.


enlargement of the client base, an increase in the number of brand search queries and public awareness about the brand.

Price: от $1000 (landing page and promotion strategy included)

Lead Magnets

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Lead Magnets