SMM Activity Optimization

What Is It:

A set of measures to improve brand pages in social networks.

SMM Activity Optimization

Who Needs It:

the ones who wants to build proper communication with their most targeted audience - subscribers of the brand pages in social networks.

Why It Is Important:

social networks are one of the main sources of your loyal customers.

Software of social media allows to promote your brand, product or service most precisely, and to communicate with your subscribers and those who interact with your page.

What It Consists of:

assessment of the visual design of the page, analysis of the tone of communication and brand positioning to the client, analysis of the gained audience (separation of live users from bots), preparing recommendations for optimizing graphic design and communication with the audience.



Proper SMM activities increase brand awareness and engagement of subscribers and target users with the brand page

Price: $1200

SMM Activity Optimization

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SMM Activity Optimization