UI / UX Design and Optimization

What Is It:

a set of measures to assess and optimize user interface of the client’s site in order to improve the usability of the site.

UI / UX Design and Optimization

Who Needs It:

the ones who sees that advertising does not give the expected results, who wants to update his site visually and technically.

Why It Is Important:

graphic design of directly affects the selling qualities of your site.

Each element of the site should be understood by and look pleasant to the users.

What It Consists of:

assessment of graphic design, loading speed, response time of each interactive element.

UI / UX Design and Optimization

How We Do It:

the team evaluates graphic and prepares a version with corrections and improvements. Technical parameters (site loading speed, response time, the correct responses of interactive elements) are checked with special software. Based on the collected data, our team forms a working corrected version of the site. After the final edits, and the client’s consent, the old version of the site is replaced by the new one.


the site loads faster, all elements work correctly, the user is pleased to be on it, which courses the growth of traffic and user engagement, consequently, sales are increasing.

Price: $1200

UI / UX Design and Optimization

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UI / UX Design and Optimization